Partners & Collaborations

Brainworx has cooperations with the companies below and/or has helped to develop the following plug-ins. Please follow the links to try/buy these great tools.

Universal Audio

Together with SPL, we are the first 3rd party audio plug-in developers for the UAD-2 platform. UA Website.

Universal Audio

SPL Sound Performance Lab

Analog Code Plug-ins: Transient Designer, Twin Tube, EQ Rangers, Vitalizer MK2-T, Passeq – modeled by the Brainworx team. More to follow! SPL Website.

SPL Analog Code Plug-ins

Digidesign / AVID

Massive Packs 7 and 8 featuring Brainworx tools: Digidesign Website.

Massive Pack 8


The mpressor, elysia’s “creative compressor”, and the alpha compressor, its mastering counterpart – both modeled by the Brainworx team. More to follow! elysia Website.

elysia alpha compressor


The VSC-2 compressor, the 'Mercedes of VCA compression' according to Vintage King USA. Emulated by the bx_team. Vertigo website.



Marketing cooperation in the VST PlugIn Zone. Steinberg Website.

VST PlugIn Zone